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With the Battle of Geonosis (EP-II) the Republic is plunged into an emerging, galaxy wide conflict.

On one side is the Confederacy of Independent Systems (The Separatists), led by the charismatic Count Dooku and backed by a number of power trade organizations and their droid armies.

On the other side is the Republic Loyalists and their newly created clone army, led by the Jedi. It is a war fought on a thousand fronts, with heroism and sacrifices on both sides.

Star Wars: Requiem is set just 18 months after the end of Episode II (Attack of the Clones), meaning that there is 18 months until Episode III (Revenge of the Sith). The room does not consider Dark Horse Comics or Del Rey Books to be static for this room. Elements of those may be introduced solely for plot pushing measures, but you do not need to have read those books to join or play. Elements that are introduced will be explained here on the homepage, as well as on the forum in enough detail that no purchases are necessary. They will always be different enough to cater to Roleplay that the books may not be entirely correct for our roleplaying atmosphere.

Requiem's default setting is Corellia, a world that is caught in the middle of the Clone War. On a given day a being can encounter any one from Trade Federation occupationalists, to Republic Freedom Fighters, to Bounty Hunters or Clones. It is on Corellia that the Bounty Hunter Guild gets it's foundation, the Jedi have a small contingent trying to keep the peace, Dooku's interests are in exploiting the system's natural resources, while the Republic is desperate to keep those same resources from the Separatists

Corellia is controlled by a Governmental Counsel called the Triad, who are willing to play both sides against one another in an effort to keep their ultimate independent control over the planet. Corellia is the Key to the whole sector, and the Triad knows it therefore controls the whole sector so long as neutrality is maintained.

While this is the basic setting Star Wars is a Galactic roleplay, meaning that roleplay can take you anywhere in the galaxy. Ultimately it is up the storytellers to determine the political climate of a given planet or sector.

Name Location Classification
Chuba'chubasa Corellia, Seedy Capital City Bar, Gambling, Dining, Lounge.

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