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Requiem Rulebook:
By Ben; Room Host

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction.
  2. General.
  3. Character Rules.

Rules, everyone needs them. Our rules are short and easy to follow. In addition to the room's rules please keep in mind that all rules are superseded by the IMC Site Rules, and Terms of Service. Thank you.


General Rules:

  1. Respect:
    1. A feeling of appreciative, often deferential regard; esteem.
    2. The state of being regarded with honor or esteem.
    3. Willingness to show consideration or appreciation.
    4. This room is currently a private room, with an 'M' rating. No one is required to be politically correct but you are required not to be -openly- disruptive.
  2. Vulgarity:
    • This includes words within a picture, the picture itself, words in a post, tag, song, what have you. It is not tolerated.
    • Open vulgarity will result in a warning, then a 24 hour suspension.
  3. Arguments:
    • There is no reason to disrupt the room with arguments. If you argue with a Staff member, in public, in room, you will be suspended for 24 hours. Even if you are right, in reference to what you are arguing about, you will still be suspended for arguing in the room with a Staff Member.
  4. SM/RP's:
    • If host or staff members are involved in, or running an SM/RP for the room, contact for non-SM/RP business purposes are expressly prohibited. You may of course -ask- if the Staff member is available for chat, as we don't expect everyone to know who is RPing at all times.
    • Breaching this rule will result in first a warning, then a 24 hour suspension.
  5. Godmoding & Power Gaming:
    • Godmoding is seen as the attempt to ignore the power levels of another, crossing ooc knowledge into ic actions, self rp, or continue to play a character undamaged despite the calls made through regular role-playing.
    • Power Playing is seen as creating a character completely and totally impervious or playing your current character far in excess of his or her abilities.
    • Breaching this rule can result in the character being revoked, or you being asked to rewrite the character's stats.

Character Rules:

  1. General character rules.
    • Original Characters are not required to be applied for, with two exceptions.
      1. If the character is running a faction, controls an exorbenant amount of resources...etc.
      2. If the character is a force user. Dark or Light.
    • In the instance that you want a C that falls under one of these two options, just follow the application process for canon characters.
    • Characters that are related to, romantic with, or connected deeply by history, must be approved by the appropriate muns.
  2. Canon Characters:
    • Staff can approve an NPC (non-player character) for the room. If one of the following criteria is met.
      • Create or move plot.
      • Repair any damage done to a character so it is playable.
      • Advertise the character so others might get interested in apping it.
    • Please keep in mind that the Administration reserves the right to pull a canon character in the event of an extended LOA. Extended LOA is defined by LOA extending beyond two weeks, or multiple LOA's that accumulate to inactivity over the period of a month.
    • For all Canon Characters please answer the following questions on the forum:
      1. What is the Character's Name?
      2. Who is connected to this character? (Loved Ones, Business Contact...etc.)
      3. Is this character a force user? If so what level of training?
      4. What do you know of this character?
      5. Why this character?
      6. What are your plans for this character?
  3. Original Characters:
    • Non-Force Users will be kept to a 2-1 ratio to Force Users and/or Force Sensitives.
    • Original Characters from other rooms may not be crossed over to this room.